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Honey Dew Honey - Aid your Digestion


Only found in the South Island of New Zealand, this beautiful, dark, tangy flavoured honey comes from the Beech Tree which harbours a little insect inside their black ripply bark. This insect puts out a little white frond with a dew drop on the end which has a sweet taste and is popular with bees, wasps and birds. In earlier years beekeepers used this honey as feed for their bees, as it was not thought to be a true nectar. However it was popular in Germany about 10 years ago and is now popular everywhere and is sought after for its recently discovered properties aiding digestion.

Recent research has found that this honey contains Oligosaccharides which assist the growth of good bacteria in the intestine which has a population of about 100 trillion intestinal bacteria, some beneficial, and some potentially harmful. How well the digestive system functions depends on the balance between the two. Even with a healthy diet the balance can easily be upset - by stress, antibiotics, over-indulgence, or the natural ageing process.

Oligosaccharides survive the journey through the stomach and have a unique effect which strengthens the good bacteria and promotes a healthy and comfortable digestive tract thus helping with the symptoms of Colitis, Crohn's and other bowel diseases. Pleasant to take, it has a texture like golden syrup and is delicious with plain yoghurt, on toast, in drinks, on muesli or cereal each morning.

500 gms  £10.99 

1 kg         £20.99


 Why not add the honey dipper below for serving this delicious runny honey.

Customer Reviews

1 customer reviews
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After talking through some health issues with Shane, he recommended that I try this honey to help with symptoms of Chrons. I can honestly say that this has helped settle my stomach and it tastes very nice. As advised the magic does happen at the end.


Honey Dipper

1085 £3.99
Item: Honey Dew Honey
Size: 500 gms
Price: £10.99

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Item: Honey Dew Honey
Size: 1 kg
Price: £20.99

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