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Honey Pork Roast


- Honey Dew Honey - 4 Table spoon
- 500 to 700 grams pork meat (Without the skin - Shoulder meat is fine)
- Broth (Chicken) 1 lt
- Beacon in small cube - abt 200 grams
- 1 cooking onion
- 2 carrots
- 2 Turnip
- 300 grams brown mushroom
- 2 Peppers
- 10 Shallots
- 6 slides of Ginger
- Corn Flower cooking oil
- Garlic clove 4,5
- Garlic Pepper
- 2 small branches of
- Rosemary and 3,4 bay leaves


Use a deep pot that can fit the meat and the other vegetables. Best if it has a thick base.

Wash and cut all the Veggie, ready to be used

Clean the garlic from the 1st skin layer

Prepare the Ginger slides.

Place yr pot on the hob at a low - Medium fire
Chop the onion add some Pepper and cooking oil
Add the beacon
Fried it till the onion reach a golden colour.

Add the Meat, increase the heat to high, and roast on each side till it get light brown

Add the Ginger Slides, and the Rosemary (leave it on the Branches as will be removed later on)

Keep cooking it ....and add broth before it get too dry the base

Broth is to be edded every now and then during the whole process, it will then left to dry out till the base reach the wanted concentration.

The Meat must be kept turning on each side every now and then to cook it evenly

Once it is cooked on each side for at least 10 m-15 min. ADD on top 2 Spoon of Honey and spread it on the meat, then do the same on the other side.

After another 10 min. Add all the other cut Veggie and Bay leaf

Once the Veggie are cooked: Remove the Veggie from the pot and keep cooking the roast for abt another 50min. To 1hr.

The Rosemary and Bay Leaves can be taken off.

In this last phase the fire can be lowered to Medium -High

Before turning off the fire check if the meat is well cooked inside as well, if not let it cooker longer till it is done.

Keep always moist with some broth.

Once it is done U may place the roast on a dish with the veggie and serve.

- When the veggie are removed the Roast can be cut in slides before going back in the pot, this will ease the cooking of the meat and will be ready to be served.
- Some white wine may be added to increase the flavour
- As the Veggie has been out of the pot for the last phase, and would be cold, they will have to go back in the pot for the last 10 min. Or alternatively can go in the oven and be warmed prior to serving.

Chilli can be added for the Spicy Lower...NOT TOO MUCH or would Kill the other flavours..chilli to be added while the roast is cooking with the Veggie

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