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Honeyed Pork Loin Steaks


A lean Pork Loin steak for each person
  Manuka Ease Honey
Several dried apricots for each loin steak


Line a dish suitable for oven use, either metal or ceramic, with foil, leaving enough foil to wrap over the whole dish.
Brush the foil sparingly with virgin olive oil.
Place the pork loin steaks in dish, turning once so the top side is also covered with a little oil. Drizzle the honey over each piece and
arrange several dried apricots on the tops; then fold the foil over to cover and seal the contents of the dish.
Cook in the middle of the oven at medium heat (around Gas 6) for 45 minutes.
The pork loins will be tender and delicious. Use all the juices to add to your gravy for added flavour.
Serve with any vegetables of choice.

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