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RN Moisturising Face Lift

WINS Silver Medal in the Truth In

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The Royal Nectar Moisurising Face Lift is a product receiving rave reviews! Users report that their skin feels firmer and stays hydrated. Others have noticed a reduction in fine lines.

The Royal Nectar range was formulated by Nelson Honey to create rapid anti-ageing effects.

If you're looking for a "bee venom face lift" as made popular by Kate Middleton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dannii Minogue and other stars, this is a great product to get. Made with top quality ingredients from New Zealand, find out for yourself why the Royal Nectar products are becoming known as the  "Natural alternative to botox".



Apply the moisturising face lift daily as part of your skin care routine. We suggest application using a clean cosmetic brush or spatula onto cleansed skin. A test patch application is recommended for first use. We recommend using in conjunction with Royal Nectar Original Face Mask - the Moisturising Face Lift in the morning and the Original Face Mask at night.



The Royal Nectar Moisturising Face Lift contains: Aqua, Nectar Ease (Manuka Honey and Bee Venom), Lannett wax, Avocado Oil Tocopherol, Apricot Kernel Oil Rosehip Oil, Rose Water, Beeswax, Evening Primrose Oil, Optiphen Plus, Cocoa Butter, Natural Fragrance, Ticaxan, Marshmallow Extract, Manuka Oil and Lavender Essential.

Caution is advised to individuals that have allergies to bee products.

Available in a 50ml pot.


How Does Bee Venom Cream Work?

For centuries, bee honey has been praised for its health and beauty benefits, not to mention its sweet, succulent taste. Honey is not the only beauty gift from our buzzing, black and yellow friends. Royal jelly, a food-like substance used to nourish developing queen bees, is known for its high vitamin and protein content and is also used in several skin creams. But what most people don’t know about bees is that their venom can also aid in the quest for a younger-looking face.

Bee venom: A recent breakthrough in anti-aging due to its restorative properties, is said to stimulate the skin and relax muscles that cause the dreaded wrinkles. It works by gently stinging the skin with melittin and apamin, both derived from bee venom. The skin reacts as if it has been stung, thereby jumpstarting the production of elastin and collagen, which are essential to youthful-looking skin. The bee venom acts by “tricking” the skin to produce these naturally occuring proteins.

What Are The Advantages of Bee Venom Treatments?


• One major advantage of bee venom creams is that it requires absolutely no needles, which is a big plus for those who are scared about injections in the face. Botox, the tried-and-tested face relaxer, requires needle injections. Since bee venom treatments are topically applied, they are painless and non-invasive.

• Bee-venom is natural, which makes it ideal for those who are sceptical of using artificial chemicals, let alone a toxin, on their faces.

Users of bee venom treatments will also still be able to make natural-looking facial expressions, whereas Botox injections tend to make the face look more “frozen,” sometimes leaving the patient unable to express their emotions with prolonged use. Bee venom claims to smooth out wrinkles, without the fake look of Botox injections.




Customer Reviews

9 customer reviews
Star Rating 5
This product is marvelous. Im still on the first jar, and I can already see the difference in my skin. My pores are finer, and skin is smoother. Ive had several comments about looking younger. :) Hooray!!

Star Rating 5
Beautiful face cream which leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day. I don't notice any sting, but recommend it for those with dry skin.

Star Rating 5
I applied moisture lift this morning and am amazed at the results. My skin feels firmer and very well hydrated. It tingles a little more than the royal nectar mask, but by no means, is it uncomfortable. I simply love Royal Nectar products.

Star Rating 4
nice packaging. used once and felt both mask & moisturizer are light textural and are down to earth kiwi products. will keep using for better results.

Star Rating 5
When i first applied this product i wasnt sure it would work but im now on my third jar and love it highly recommended.

Star Rating 5
I like this product so so much, I've been using this product for more than half year, I can see a definate improvement the fine lines.I will buy this again and again and introduce to my friends.

Star Rating 5
WOW, what a fabulous product!!! I used to use "an altenative" product but since i found this Royal Nectar cheaper i am delighted.

Star Rating 5
The first time I put this 'face lift' on I was convinced I could actually see my facial muscles moving to tighten up. 3 weeks later I am even more excited. My face looks less drawn and it is toned and healthy-looking. Excellent product.

Star Rating 5
I am delighted with this non greasy moisturiser, i put it on before i go to bed and my skin feels refreshed when i wake. I have just ordered the Face Mask to try and i only hope it's as good as the moisturiser.

Item: Moisturiser
Size: 50ml pot
Price: RRP £42.00   £39.99

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Item: Moisturiser
Size: 10g Tube
Price: £8.99

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