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My Arthritis Relieved by Peter Davison


After only 3 days of this treatment, I had a full night's sleep without pain and have not had any trouble in years.

I am now in my eighties and for the most part of my life have been very fit and active to the extent of running slow marathons until stricken down by arthritis. It reached the stage where I could not even walk 100 yards. Gradually the pain had built up to such an extent that it forced me to stop. I could not get out of a chair without pushing myself up. I used to wake up during the night in absolute agony.

During a visit to New Zealand, I heard of an old acquaintance who had been troubled with arthritis for years, mainly in his knees. He had heard of Bee Sting Therapy (Link goes to www.telegraph.co.uk) and so every other day he put live bees on his knees until they stung him. This was painful but it did relieve the arthritis pain and after a month he was able to discontinue the treatment. He thought he was cured but after two years, the arthritis returned, only this time in his hands, and he was resigned to starting the Bee Sting routine again.

Fortunately for him, a friend told him of a remarkable discovery by a Beekeeper in Nelson in the South Island of New Zealand. Some honey had accidentally been mixed up with bee venom and a neighbour calling to collect the honey had picked up the wrong pot!

The neighbour returned after two weeks wanting to know what was in the honey as the arthritis which had been troubling him for years had disappeared. The Bee Keeper, a Philip Cropp, eventually realized that it was the mixture of honey and bee venom which had caused the improvement after much experimentation decided to market the product under the name of Nectar Ease.

This acquaintance of mine bought a pot of Nectar Ease and the arthritis in his hands disappeared. I phoned him up and he offered to refund me the cost of a pot if it did not help me. An offer I could not refuse!

I had my first full night's sleep in years. Gradually my mobility increased. I can now leap out of a chair and walk for miles, although running brings back pain in one knee. I therefore exercise at the gym for one hour each day. 

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