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User Recipes



Moroccan Lamb Tagine
Added:  ¦ 15 March 2011
Recipe By: Malcolm Kinross
Tagines originate in North Africa and are tender slow-cooked stews. They take their name from the clay pot they are cooked in.  View Recipe

Honey Pork Roast
Added:  ¦ 24 August 2011
Recipe by: Enrico Loggia
Flavoured Sour sweet Roast  View Recipe

Gluten Free Honey Pancake
Added:  ¦ 7 November 2014
Recipe by: R Khajavee  View Recipe

Golden Honey Fudge
Added:  ¦ 13 December 2016
Recipe by: Bertha Ramsbottom
Honey flavoured fudge which has a lovely rich flavour when using Nelson Honey's West Coast Honey  View Recipe

Honeyed Pork Loin Steaks
Added:  ¦ 16 December 2016
Recipe by: Ann Bean
A delicious meal in quick time  View Recipe

Honey, Walnut and Raisin Bread and Butter Pudding
Added:  ¦ 23 August 2011
Recipe By: Honey Lover UK†
A modern take on the classic Bread and Butter Pudding.  View Recipe

Mackerel with Honey, Orange and Ginger Drizzle
Added:  ¦ 24 August 2011
Recipe by: Henderson Charles
Mackerel is an excellant source of omega 3 fatty acids as well as containing some vitamin A and D.¬†  View Recipe

Honey and Raspberry Ice Cream
Added:  ¦ 13 September 2011
Recipe by: Ant Stephenson

No need to have an ice cream machine to achieve good results and a delicious icecream  View Recipe

Chai Tea (Spiced Indian Tea)
Added:  ¦ 5 September 2011
Recipe by: Helen Croot

A sweet spicy tea becoming ever more popular  View Recipe

Honey Whole Wheat Bread
Added:  ¦ 23 August 2011
Recipe by: Pip Berryman
You will definately want to make this bread again and it works every time. Raisins and coconut is a delicious addition if you like them.  View Recipe

Honey Mustard Salad Dressing
Added:  ¦ 23 August 2011
Recipe by: Bronwen Lammas
Delicious with a salad during summer months. Is similar to a french salad dressing but with a hint of sweetness.  View Recipe

Oranges in Honey Syrup
Added:  ¦ 16 March 2011
Recipe By: Malcolm Kinross
A sweet dish pepped up with oriental spices. Also relatively low in calories.  View Recipe

Honey Drizzled Salmon
Added:  ¦ 23 August 2011
Recipe by: Elaine Irving
Delicious and quick supper dish  View Recipe

Honey Fruit Loaf
Added:  ¦ 23 August 2011
Recipe by: Helen Fielding
This is great for that afternoon tea with friends or to have with your cuppa for morning tea. The honey keeps this moist for longer.  View Recipe

Honey Glazed Gammon Joint
Added:  ¦ 23 August 2011
Recipe by: Duncan Thorne
This ham looks impressive carved at the table and tastes even better, to impress your guests. Not just for adults either my children love this and request it for their birthday tea!   View Recipe

Spare Rib Marinade
Added:  ¦ 23 August 2011
Recipe By: Shane Wallace
A marinade for BBQ Spare ribs which is also delicious with Pork and Chicken.  View Recipe

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