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Nelson Honey Testimonials

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Patricia Hart

Patricia Hart is a qualified registered nurse, and district nurse, and after 40 years nursing experience of heavy work with patients, she now has vast damage to her spine, which has developed into osteoarthritis. She has been in severe pain for 12 years, unable to do housework or go upstairs easily... Read testimonial

My Arthritis Relieved by Peter Davison

"After only 3 days of this treatment, I had a full night's sleep without pain and have not had any trouble in years. I am now in my eighties and for the most part of my life have been very fit and active to the extent of running slow marathons until stricken down by arthritis..." Read testimonial

Other Testimonials

Janet’s Story:

"After sixteen years of arthritis in my feet, thumbs and neck, I was on the maximum dose of diclofenac (anti-inflammatory) and dreading the day they stopped working or I got an ulcer - both possibilities looming. Then I heard of Manuka Ease, ‘might as well try it’, I thought. I had tried everything else and nothing seems to work. Five weeks later the pain in my thumbs had gone. I tentatively reduced the dose of diclofenac and eight weeks later my feet and neck were pain free. Now I went to a quarter of the original strength and held my breath. It is 10 weeks now and I am completely pain free on one and a half teaspoons of Manuka Ease. It is nothing short of a miracle for me and I am back in the fast lane of life with a vengeance! In March 2005, I was due to have both feet operated on but I have cancelled the operation as I feel it is unnecessary, I’ll just keep taking Manuka Ease forever."

Mrs J.W

"As well as arthritis, I have been suffering from Diverticular Disease (inflammation of the colon) for over 20 years leading to terrible cramps and lower abdominal pain followed diarrhoea and this would occur about 6 times a day at intervals. In October I received your balm and Manuka Ease honey as was suggested. After a week, I noticed that the pains had disappeared and my bowels were normal. It is now early April and am glad to say that the pain in my abdomen has not reappeared as I take a teaspoon of Manuka Ease every day. I bless the day I sent for your honey and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with similar problems."

Mrs H.C

"I feel I must write and tell you of our success with your Manuka Honey. About 6-7 weeks ago, our local surgery gave up on my post-operative wound which would not heal completely after 8 months of dressings. I was told to go back to my surgeon for another operation to cut back to healthy tissue. That was the week we sent to you for some honey. The wound was also infected again. Two days after using the honey, the infection was under control and 5 weeks later the wound had healed. My husband was amazed at how rapidly the healing started. Can I order 4 more jars as I always make sure I have some on my toast as I am sure it is beneficial to my health.”

Brenda .P

"I have suffered with Psoriasis for about a year and have tried several treatments including prescribed creams, oils and anything I could get hold of to relieve the itching and pain associated with it! Whilst looking for a miracle cure, I came across your nectar Balm and am very impressed with the results. I have used it 5-6 times a day  and now use it maybe twice a week. It smells great, moisturises, absorbs well and works! I can even receive change from shopkeepers without being embarrassed about the state of my hands!”

Mrs D.K

"When I was diagnosed with MS, I thought my life meant going to hospital every 3-4months for treatment, but now with Manuka Ease, it helps me so much that I am now 5 months from not having the Methylprednisone drip treatment. I have one spoon of the Manuka Ease every day and I no longer require walking sticks to walk and have more energy throughout the day. Hot and humid temperatures no longer effect me as badly either.”

J.G.H,  Deal, Kent

"I could not even pick up my golf clubs, never mind walk 18 holes. Thanks to Manuka Ease, I am now back to nearly normal, although I am getting used to a buggy."

Mr W.B. Hamilton

"I was a mechanic for 30 years, but arthritis in my hands made it difficult to work. Manuka Ease has worked a miracle and I now have full use of my hands again. I also gave some to my neighbour who suffered bad injuries as a result of a tractor accident. Within three weeks his pain had gone."

C.O.R of Bury, Lancs

" I have recently had an X-Ray of my hips and have been told that there is no cartilage left in my right joint and that I will have to have a replacement. But, I am not in such pain as previously due to the honey."

Mrs M.F, Howick

"I'm absolutely ecstatic! The swelling has gone from my hands and I can actually put my wedding rings back on my fingers - something I haven't been able to do for 15 years!

Mrs G.H.G of Littlestone, Kent

"The honey seems to be working, so would you please send me two more jars."

M.R.D of Tonypandy

"Kindly send me another jar of your honey, as I feel it is helping me with my osteo-arthritis"

Mrs H.H, Hamilton

"My mother had a lot of pain in her feet and was inclined to drag them. Since taking Manuka Ease she now walks better, the pain is not so bad, and she's back to playing bowls, something she hasn't done for a long time."

Mrs B.G Llandudno

"It is making a great difference to my arthritis, and it certainly makes me feel better and helps me to keep going.  Anything is better than a lot of pity."

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